What Would Krishna Witness If He Awakens On This Janamashtami?

“But you can’t see me

With this, your own eye…

I’ll give you a divine eye,

Look at my majestic form!”

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 11, Verse 8

Kanha was born on the dark eighth night of the Hindu lunar calendar which is celebrated across the globe as Krishna Janamashtami. It is written in the scribes that the time was full of chaos and cruelties. Kansa, his maternal uncle, wanted to kill all the neonates of his sister to save his life and stay in power.

Apathy, brutality, and power-hungry people ruled the lands and Krishna, the eighth avatar of the Vishnu, the preserver, and protector of the universe, descended in a playful, childlike, loving role to return the zeal, enthusiasm, wisdom joy, and untainted love to the earth and restore the balance within each individual.

I often wonder if he opened his eyes in the troubled times of today, what is it that he would witness? Have we not gone back to the phase of ennui, diseases, suicides, wars, calamities, and inhumanities? Is the darkness so dense that we cannot see the light that shines within us? Is the noise so much that we cannot listen to God’s song playing within? Wouldn’t he wonder? Wouldn’t he feel his efforts to preserve us went in vain?

The tranquil nature is now pleading self-defense. The lovers’ hearts, stitched together, are coming apart in slivers and the tiny, sharp edges are hurting all those who are tiptoeing in this world directionless or bust the wheels of those racing blindly on the highways.

The pandemic has us hostage and humanity is crying for some warmth to heal from the rampant catastrophes.

There is concrete everywhere, within and without. Humanity needs to breathe free again.

There are masked faces and veiled intents. Ego impairs us. Darkness is waiting for that one flame of faith to be rekindled.

The world is driven by technology, which is a blessing gone awry. It needs wisdom and discernment to use the mighty power it beholds.

Everything in the universe affects everything else.

Wouldn’t he want to seek Devaki’s tenderness and sacrifices to let her child survive? Wouldn’t he want a courageous Vasudeva to go through an arduous journey to bring him to a safe place? Wouldn’t he be looking for a keeper like Nanda, a nurturer like Yashoda, a friend like Sudama, a lover like Radha, a disciple like Arjuna for whom he became the charioteer?

Wouldn’t he want us to have these attributes within so he can come not out there but in here? Out there are only rituals and niceties but he wants to come in your heart and stay there like you. In your heart is his kingdom.

So it is time now to wake up from the delusions and start enriching the world around and within. How? By holding the image of the perfect world our creator sculpted and making our actions in accordance with that. Let’s preserve what is and create the “new” responsibly.

Let’s embrace Devaki’s intent, Vasudeva’s Courage, Nanda’s Protection, Yashoda’s Nurturance, Sudama’s Amity, Radha’s Adoration, Arjuna’s Surrender, Draupadi’s Faith and then he will come and defeat the Kansa and the Kauravs which are the ego and dualities within us and we shall never be then dragged in by the false cry of Maya (Worldly illusions). We will transform.

Let’s be empathetic to our fellow beings. Let’s live the virtues of compassion, love, kindness, care, and integrity. Let’s spread smiles. Be grateful for everything bestowed upon us. Have faith.

On Janamashtami on the stroke of midnight let the arati’s encircling flame shield you and the sounds of flute, bells and drums take all your worries away and let the virtues flower, let your heart dance like the peacock, let it be the day of atonement. It is a day to make your wrongs right. Let’s forgive ourselves and others and begin again. Let’s not just hope and wait for a better day, let’s create it.

Let us preserve the essence of the preserver.


May peace be upon the Earth. I pray for the wellness of all.

See you in the comments.

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