Emptiness no matter how crowded life is with things and people…

and what do I do with this silence that I hear even when so many voices are hooting?

so many stand by my side…yet why do I caress myself as if I’ll fall ?

so many answers everywhere but why is that one question missing to fit them all?

who are you..and where have you gone with my soul…leaving behind an empty shell?

who are you who took so much of me that I can’t piece myself together?

who are you who took my valor, leaving behind a lost warrior in the armor?

who are you who’s fading away with time while blurring my image in the mirror?

who are you that I seek?

where is the love for which I grieve?

so many strokes of color yet they all seem pale,

so many battles won and yet why do I fail?

the warmth of sun awakens  new leaves  yet everything seems frozen….

so many beautiful dreams in my eyes yet why is it yours that I have chosen?

so many breaths in a moment yet a lifeless existence…

so much time ticking in the timepiece but yet the hands seem to halt in every moment,

and this vulnerable little fragment of time crawls ,waiting to be picked by you

and then trampled by your carefree stride…

this beautiful instant being tossed by you playfully

could have resurrected the fallen…

I pray that you awaken so that I can open my eyes,

I pray that you come so that I can arrive…

~Shreeja Jhawar

*Originally Posted In The Unboxed Writers

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1 thought on “Empty

  1. Shreeja.

    Krishna is Love. We all are complete as soon as HE ENTERS. 💘


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