The Kaleidoscope On My Windowsill

The kaleidoscope is to remind me that broken glasses can form vivid and beautiful patterns … so all things broken aren’t a waste …the stories you make out of them form the patterns of your life ….
The plants 🌱 I populated in the green bottles break open into new leaves every day…and sometimes they also shed the ones that lost their colour and show me the cycle of life and death with all the dichotomies that call upon the spirit of detachment in attachment which is the only way of surviving … the angels guard life’s essence and they remind me that grace is accessible… the merlion is the union of dreams and action … the rose quartz rock let’s me love but not waste away in the pining it creates rather be like the rock and still absorb the pink and gentle frequency of the rejuvenating flow of affection that comes from within and without … it isn’t polished … I kept it in its original form … not wanting to change the natural alchemy of this soothing emotion … the red tinted glass lotus and candle jars are a gift from dear ones that I keep to remind me that red is the colour of thriving in this life … and even though we are ordained to melt away we must burn for a purpose and in each stage of life we will delayer until finally we open up like the mystic lotus …untainted by the environment holding the fragrance of life and do you notice the Buddhist prayer wheel with engraved mantra OM MANI PADME HUM’ [Om the Jewel in the Lotus Hum] , it was also gifted and it remains with me to evoke the learning that some churning is needed to bring out the divinity that is our truth beyond this play of consciousness …and it alerts me to beware of the karmic loop- “what goes around comes around … “
the sky and the earth seem to merge when I look at them from where I sit and sip my tea … the cityscape in the background are manifestations of this blue limitless yonder and the infinitesimal clod of clay 🌎 architectured with passion and dreams…trying to defy the real however it finds it’s way in sometimes by way of these contemplations💭:)

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