Homecoming And Pandemic

My papa is here with me after eighteen years of being in the States and away from all of us. He was working there and recently post retirement he is back in India with his family. However, it was sheer stroke of hard luck that as soon as he arrived he had to grapple with covid-19 which took a toll on his lungs and he had to be hospitalised for almost three weeks, back at home, mom and family also got affected by the pandemic and so I got him to stay here with me as soon as he got discharged.

Work is on hold and the habitual life has been put aside for awhile. The days go by attending to his medical needs and making my humble abode comfortable for his stay. Preparing and sending meals to my family affected and locked in their home because of the disease is another part of my routine recently. I felt relieved being of some support to my family in this sticky situation. After the stages of shock, denial, prayers and sadness comes this beautiful soothing acceptance of what is and when one finds oneself here it is in one’s grasp to whitewash the canvas and restart a new piece of art.

“I’ve got this!” was what I never thought I would say to myself in such state of affairs, but I feel it now deep within me. I realised the power of prayers, acceptance and belongingness at the hem of the torn circumstance I found myself staring at.

The support from my spouse and his senile parents is been pivotal in being able to stand for my own in the rough times. I am ever grateful and this feeling expands my heart and strengthens my core to be there when a need arises in the lives of those connected to me.

Life is lived until the moment of doom is upon us, but life is truly felt in the moments of love and gratefulness. I felt life recently. It is indeed divine.

Challenges are part of life, if you are amid one, pause, pray and look for the part where you can find thankfulness and where you can rise up to the situation and do your part, even if it is a dwarf role take it and play it to the best of your ability, do not worry about perfection as that is just a procrastinator’s shield to action.

My papa has been constantly unyoked from his family owing to work, responsibilities, aspirations or health. Finally he is back with us and we want to make the most of the time given to us with him.

It was so amazing to see my teenaged son meet his grandfather for the first time. Damn the pandemic they could not hug each other but the sense of togetherness is what matters.

Being truly grateful is the only way social creatures like us survive and find peace. Kindle the flame of thankfulness and get over the “WIIFM” syndrome especially in your family and relationships. Support people without treating it as an investment for future returns. The ROI isn’t measured in God’s book, rather the selfless effort is all that counts, it is what makes you abundant. The law of resonance and the law of karma will take care of you.

The calendar notifies that it’s time for my old man’s medicine so I am signing off for now.

Thanks for reading it all the way. May you find joy and moments of gratitude in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Us With Papa

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