The Ten Tenets To Truth On Guru Nanak Jayanti!

Religion is a way of life that makes it possible to hold on to the civilisation and evolution process and be the path that’ll lead you to the next level of your life’s journey which is spirituality or knowing thy Self.

However, in youngsters there is an unexpressed discomfort and disbelief in the practices often imposed upon them by superiors in their lives without so much as an explanation to what does the practice or the discipline imply. This leaves them astray and open to influences, which further leads to conflict and chaos within them.

You travel the distance via varied routes following the rule of the road on which you find yourself but knowing that you are journeying for a purpose. The purpose is the essence of any religion and the impetus of spiritualism. Unfortunately, people limit themselves in becoming the traffic cops for the highway rather than torch bearers and leaders who would ensure that there is clarity, vision, vigour, kindness and enthusiasm while wheeling or walking down the road taken.

The pilgrims hold hands during the storms, fellow travellers usher and guide their own in the direction calmly and the tourists are welcomed but left to decide which lane to take as per the map they carry.

Detours and by-lanes may extend time for the other but respecting the freewill is also important after imparting the awareness received from the ancient books of divine knowledge and making it comprehendible by setting the right examples in the society keeping in mind the human needs for survival, friendship, love, significance before actualisation.

Religion should be carved out in such a way that it has space for inclusion, assurance, kindness, discipline and love. This helps in finally knowing that for which it is. 🙂

When the ease or “sahajta” goes out of any religion, community or cult and it starts becoming too enclosed and arrogant, it is time to dissolve a few dogmas and evolve. So religion needs to be protected from the drama of the egocentric mind to sustain its purity.

Faith instead of fear, light in place of darkness, kindness not violence, love not hatred is the spirit of a true religion.

Today is an auspicious day. It is Guru Nanak’s Jayanti, Guru Nanak is one of the most celebrated Sikh gurus and the founder of Sikhism. The festivities in the Sikh religion revolve around the anniversaries of the ten Sikh Gurus. These benevolent teachers shaped the beliefs of the Sikhs. Their birthdays, known as Gurpurab, are occasions for celebration and prayer among the Sikhs. The Guru Granth Sahib is the religious scripture of the Sikhs. I was reading some awesome tenets the religion is based upon. It was a soothing read and I thought of sharing some universal truths which could ignite your soul too. The true spirit of a religion that leads to divinity is found in these simple yet profound principles laid down by Guru Nanak and his descendants in Guru Granth Sahib.

The 10 principles taught are beautiful to imbibe and are in synergy to most of the religions(paths that lead to God) separating the fluff and offering only the real.

  1. The Will of God is supreme. Let’s accept ” What Is” to be able to make way for what ought to be by praying with enduring faith. (WAHEGURU)
  2. There is only one Timeless Being or God- Akal Purakh
  3. Universal Brotherhood and Goodwill for all- Sarbat Daa Bhalaa – The belief that all men and women are equal is the strong theme in Gurbani written by Guru Nanak.

“Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat da bhala”, which can be translated as “Nanak asks for ‘Naam’ (name of God) with which comes well being, happiness and positive spirit and with your blessings, Lord may everyone in the world prosper and be in peace”

4. SACH SUNAISI SACH KEE BELA –To speak the truth- be aware of your authenticity and never lose it for trivial worldly gains.

5. Sewa and Simran – About Sewa Gurbani explains:  In the midst of this world, do SEWA and you shall be given a place of honour in the Court of the Lord. When you have less means pray and remember the word of God and when you are graced with abundance go out there and support the ones in need.

6. The Three Principals-

  • Vand Chako: Sharing with others, helping those with less and who are in need.
  • Kirat Karo: Earning/ making a living honestly without exploitation or fraud.
  • Naam Japna: Chanting the holy name and thus remembering God at all times (ceaseless devotion to God)

7. Shun The Five Evils, these are nothing but roadblocks.

  • Ego
  • Anger
  • Greed
  • Attachment
  • Lust

8. Importance of Guru

Sikh religion took birth on the Indian soil. It believes in the importance of a Guru. Guru is a guide who can help channelise and mobilise your inner resources and make your path to the formless, Nirakar, God perilfree. Your emotions, intellect, mind and its attachments will not distract you from being with Him if an enlightened Guru holds your hand.

Jis Manukh Peh Karau Benti So apnai Dukh Bharia Parbarahm Jin Ridai Aradhia Tin Bhau Sagar Taria~SGGS,p.637(Whoever I approach to ask for help, I find him full of his own troubles. One who worships in his heart the Supreme Lord God, crosses over the terrifying water-ocean.)

9. No Discrimination- Guru Nanak was strongly against all artificially created divisions and all discrimination, both in word and deed. He said that the caste of a person is based on what he does. His idea of a caste-free society transpired also in his concepts of Sangat and Pangat. Nanak’s father gave him money for trade that he spent on feeding hungry Sadhus. He named this that True Transaction (Sacha Sauda). Where there is Sangat, there is always a Langar (food service). According to Sikh principles all people (Sangat) who sit in pangat(a line) share food on equal basis. Nobody sleeps without eating, nor should anybody die of hunger is a beautiful belief acted upon by the Sikhs globally.

10. Against Rituals/ Superstitions- He stressed that only One God, the Formless, is to be glorified. In this way, he showed the path of truth and enlightenment.

Hope you all have a great day!

Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti To All!

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