The Full Moon

Tonight the moon glowed brilliantly as I ambled across the pathway that began from home and ended thereon.

My thoughts took a flight and in a frenzy visited the childhood and the hereafter almost at the same time and rarely paused for a moment to let me fully absorb the cooling lunar vibes in the now.

One moment I was the playful yet shy tot…in the next I was the wildflower wanting to climb the tallest tower…

I was frail and complexed in yet another time and grew and crawled with support like the vine…

Fading out to curling in my wrinkled form the next moment in my reverie …listless, colourless gazing at the world which seemed mine until now!

The pain of the yesteryear and the fear of the morrow fogged my reason as I strolled to and fro at the same place with the same pace.

My form transformed, my shape shifted, my feelings like waves ebbed and flowed and my thoughts kept travelling with the moon…

What stayed aware is this one who is etching these words to eternalise the ephemeral and fleeting moment!

Does the moon influence you too? Do you also delve deeper in your thoughts? Do you feel a wave of emotions sweep over you too? See you in the comments.

Moon As I See It In The Moment!

#Fullmoon #contemplations #reflection #life

Categories Freefalling Poems, Life, Observations, Seasons, Spirituality

2 thoughts on “The Full Moon

  1. When there are sudden surge of different emotions cripple my mind I know it’s full moon playing havoc

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  2. Porinitta priyodarshini December 2, 2020 — 8:45 pm

    Yeah..very true..The full Moon makes me romantic and nostalgic too.In my childhood, I used to chase the fireflies in the woods and around in bright moonlight. Resting on my grandmother’s lap and looking into the moon..I wondered whether there are black caves or black basil plants on the moon as my granny narrated.
    Moonlit nites appeared mysterious then for people wearing snow-white clothes seemed to be ghosts.
    Now,Moon gives inspiration that though dark phases are there..light will eventually pervade through it.
    Have a happy Moonlit nite.

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