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Human Vs Dogs

“I stood frozen with my brother who was so frightened that it tugged its tail between the hind legs and cowered in terror. The petite white Pomeranian who looks so different from us, when we tower over it, was the bravest of the three. He attempted to bark at everyone to alleviate the disturbing brawl that humans were engaging in. 

Our mom returned with us from the walk and the loving tug of war between the three of us knotted together to a loop in her hands, we sometimes are stronger than mom and can easily trip her over but when we see her smile fading, we give in. We like her to win. 

We all stood near the cube that lifts us up and magically takes us home, mom always takes us through the one in the corner even if we have to wait for a long time to ride in it. Suddenly, as we stood outside the lift we felt a tight pull on to our leash and it got tighter around our necks than usual and I felt her breathing change, I could feel she is exhausted and pained, she was being attacked by another of her kind only shorter and smelling so strange, I would never go near her even if she carried my favourite treat, she looked at us with no-love, I don’t know what is that called as I can only recognise the love in creatures, but I don’t know what is this other thing that makes them shirk away from love. 

There was one other who tried to protect us, she was also too noisy, but she patted on my head and it was reassuring. I could see all broken people scuffling about something while I waited to be back in my bed and my comforting chew toys. There is not much in the park anyway. Most of the children and people run away from us despite us wagging our tails and approaching them warmly. 

I sat down while mom kept shouting and pointing her fingers mirroring the other lady who now had her loud friends joined in with her. I suddenly felt mom needs my support so I stood up and for a moment, mom looked at me and in her eyes was something that makes me feel a sting in my gut… I understood, she was pained and the hurt was because she chose to raise us, nourish us as her own and give us a slice of her pie at the table, she knew we are made by God with love, to love, to heal, to reconcile what’s wrecked … she wasn’t fighting for her, she stood there for us. That moment I felt powerless and torn. I wish mom did not have to explain herself for us. I wish the one who was looking at us with no-love could understand we could heal her too. 

We stood for eons and I realised humans have many words, just like we have sniffs. Finally, she got tired and left mom alone and mom entered the cube, she called out our names as we tailed her in. I jumped to make her feel good and she patted me affectionately. I could feel the heaviness and I nestled close to her. She unhinged the door and I entered our home. She put the lights on and stood at the mantle staring at dad’s picture for a while. She then turned to pour water for us in our bowls. I chose to rather lick the one that dropped from her eyes. “

Today I witnessed an unfortunate incident in a residential complex known for its grandeur and beauty in the eastern part of Kolkata, the city of joy. The people are all sophisticated and materially successful. An educated couple verbally attacked and abused a woman returning after walking her dogs. According to the building norms she was to take a specific lift assigned to pet parents. She was standing there however her two robust Labradors and one small Pomeranian were a little towards the second lift and that offended the couple so much that they lashed at her almost shooing the pets away spitefully. Looking at the woman being victimised and the exaggerated charges being hurled at her, I couldn’t stop myself from defending her and soon realised that I was sucked in their scrimmage and felt the same rage as them. I mindfully stepped out of the frequency and left with a saddened heart. I did however wrote about the pet-haters in the vicinity later in a forum meant for the residents. I read some more stories on all pets being dangerous owing to a latest incident where in a pet Rottweiler attacked a resident, so do we condemn all humans because few are terrorists, rapists, burglars, corrupt and so on? Food for thought, isn’t it? One stray incident cannot make all pets dangerous, or can it ? I looked at the distressed, voiceless buddies on a day when humans were celebrating friendship and felt it ironical. The mute and loving friends stood their helpless while their mom was being disrespected.

The Pet Parent And Her Distressed Babies

We need to come out of the cult mindset where we stick to those like us and cannot tolerate the ones who are different. We need to stop judging and blaming people and learn to cohabitate. We don’t need to break out in majorities and minorities at the drop of a hat and get engulfed by our own opinions. We need to accept the differences not just of races, gender, color, community, religion, sexual orientations but also of lifestyle choices, people can be conservatives, liberals, vegetarians, eggitarian, vegans, the meatarians , the animal persons, the zoophobics and so on. When we start holding space for the other, they start emanating the same frequencies.

I reflected on the incident. I heard the wordless feelings of the pets who were being chucked away in reality from being part of humans life. We humans who take pride in our neural supremacy forget that the ecology comes from us and is a part of us.

I am leaving you with a thought today. Think about your opinion. Investigate it. Know that it is only a thought and we can change it anytime, even drop it. In doing so we might just free ourselves. Let’s give it a go.

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1 thought on “Human Vs Dogs

  1. Yesterday I got call form thr family that adopted my dog that he is being too naughty n nipping the things around
    So I am thinking to bring him back. Probably I am getting guidance from universe in from your blog. How knows?

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