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The Only Rule For A Lasting Friendship!

Does sending a friendship request or accepting one qualifies for a great friendship? Is it really that simple? The number of friends on social forums is not an appropriate measure of your friendship quotient. Even though the beautiful relationship has no rules but by the new age definition we will be left a loner in the whirlpool of strangers labelled as friends. Friendship will soon become a paradoxical concept.

We need to understand who is a real friend and what sets him/ her apart from the circle of contacts which we make owing to the business of our life. We need to know the only rule of a lasting and honest friendship is to have no rules and no expectations. Friendship needs to be cultivated with the soil of your heart.

Abhi and I were walking by the sea in silence. We came back from the vet care centre where his little beagle buddy passed over leaving him in pain. I chose to walk beside him and share this sullen feeling. I knew he needed some time to grieve.

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ~Helen Keller

Sameera was overwhelmed with her never-ending jobs at home and at work. She called me to grab a beer and guess what? She grumbled and whined for the time we sat in the pub. I decided to just be with her and let her vent out. My suggestion was not needed, my presence was.

Myra wants a hand in setting up her new start-up venture, I decided to go over to her place this weekend to support her in getting the work off the ground. The credits and acknowledgement are not the objectives, contributing to a friend’s happiness is.

Many such moments build the foundation of a great bond.

So the one rule that sets apart all other relations to this special bond is the shared love and intention of participating sans expectations.

I have never been alone, even though I wouldn’t mind it at times owing to my profession as a writer. I smile when I think of that! The sweet presence of friends is always there with me. I am blessed and I celebrate that.

The Only Rule For A Lasting Friendship Is,

Loving presence and an intention of giving sans expectations. It is being together in uptime and downtime. It is a soothing existence rather than feverish attachment. It is a presence of tender affection at all times.

Celebrate & be grateful when love returns without having to ask for it.

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2 thoughts on “The Only Rule For A Lasting Friendship!

  1. Very well expressed!!Friendship cannot be explained in a better way !!


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