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Inner Musings To Reflect Upon

Shreeja Jhawar aka Shryja Komari Jhawar is a NLP & PLR coach and psychotherapist, author and facilitator of transformation and self-awareness with over 10 years of experience, she brings her strengths to enhance the performances of individuals, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs all over the world through her blogs, stories, hands-on learning approach, books, live team workshops, executive coaching and life coaching.

How Low Empathy Shows Up?

Empathy is a major component in emotional quotient and it is important for us to be high on empathy scores if we want to build strong relationships in the world and even with ourselves. We can boost our empathy with self-reflection, shadow work, feedbacks from our trusted core circle and working on self and social…

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

I live with and am partially responsible for six seniors above seventy with comorbidities, my parents, my husband’s parents, his uncle, and aunt. I keep seeing how life wears out gradually in the start and then all of a sudden too fast to even comprehend. The passage of time is etched in each wrinkled smile…

Thanks Dad, Is What I Missed Saying!

A few days later I received a call from my mom that Mr. Bennett had passed on and few unmindful tears escaped from my eyes. She informed me that he has left a golden box for me. I immediately remembered the golden box which was always kept in his study and he referred to it…

Building Rapport!

She rephrased and said, “You’re saying that our behaviours can be modified by understanding how we think more than what we think and use words and nonverbal cues to create winning solutions for ourselves?”


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