What Is In It For Me?

All the philosophies and skills that you so ardently preach and practice are of little importance to me” I said telepathically to the picture of my guru that sat in a silver frame at the windowsill and stared at me with gentle eyes and loving smile, “show me how to begin, tell me what’s in it for me? ” I continued to negotiate.

“I read, I forget. I think and then overthink and feel nothing other than this engulfing dullness which is intermittently cut into by some surface level engagements. Often I feel inept however occasionally with some external validations I feel on top of the world. I am getting worn out by this oscillating existence. Is life just this or there is more to it?”

Have you caught yourself wondering about existence, life, purpose, mundane and so on? If yes, there’s a call from within you of the seeker and it is time to take the baby steps towards deeper understanding of life, success, cause and effect, collective consciousness and more.

My conversation with the framed picture of my sensei was answered in many ways and I am still on the path. I invite you to the journey of self-development, profound understanding, leadership and equanimity.

Why ?

  • Because learning is the way of life. You evolve as you learn. It is the path to freedom from dependance on the external sources.
  • Because it will unleash the creative side of you.
  • Because it will understand your pain and support you in transcending it into your strength.
  • Because it will empower you.
  • Because it will reset the default mode in which you live your life to design mode and you’ll become the wizard of your life.

My simple goal in LCW is to bridge the gap between the seeker and the mentor. To provide learning opprtunities to you. From mind power, soft skills, meditation, NLP, PLR, one on one counselling and coaching sessions to upskilling you in smart skills and professional courses. Me and my team works the way up with you until you find your roots and wings.

Can’t think how to get started? Begin by subscribing to the blog for inspirational stories, free resources and information about upcoming events and online classes.

Indeed I get my answers everyday, the silver frame sits on the window sill, still smiling at me while I write.

See you all in the journey with me.

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