Is Santa Real?

I’d carefully placed my gifts under the dazzling tree in the living room for Neal unaware of the peeping tom. He took a peek at me filling the stockings and was ready with the dreadful question on the Christmas morning.

“Is Santa real? Or is it just you Mum?” Asked my 7 year old son. I tried to dodge the question at first. I struggled to say something and then decided otherwise. But the look on my munchkin’s face was the one of betrayal and I knew that it was time to reveal and yet keep the spirit of Santa alive in my child’s heart.

After much thought I asked him, “Is the air that you breathe real? Is the whole Universe real?” With a hint of annoyance he responded, “of course Mum it is real.” “But how can you say that you have never seen it?” I responded with a half-winning smile.

“So just know that even if you cannot see the guy from the North Pole descending the chimney to fill your stockings with candies or place the right gift you were waiting for under the tree, he is there. And yes Mom and Dad like all other parents are on Santa’s team and we help in delivering the presents to our children. Santa is another name for giving and loving and now that you know this honey, you are also on his team of delivering love, best wishes and happiness.”

The little boy smiled and hugged me and said, “Thank you Mummy Santa, I love you for being Santa’s worker and bringing the magic home.”

It is time to be grateful and wish a bright and cheery New Year to folks.

From my home to yours, I would like to wish you all a magic-filled Happy New Year. “Happiness is a warm puppy,” so said Charles M. Schulz. It is also a fuzzy cat, a hand woven rug, a tight hug, a happy meal at home, heartfelt greetings in your inbox, a new beginning, an old friend , a bed of sunflowers and more.

May our days be full of light and laughter. May this year bring home to us, the ships we are waiting for, the joy we have earned and the milestones we have longed to reach. Wishing you all a year filled with peace, abundance and joy.

*Originally Published by me in 123Greetings as Editor Bob Alias

Merry Christmas!
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